We’re running a campaign on Chuffed where you can set up your own page to fundraise for Lent Event and highlight the challenges facing Pacific Islanders.

Fundraise with us for Lent Event 2018 with four easy steps:

  • Pick something to give up for Lent (chocolate? Netflix? cynicism?)
  • Decide a fundraising target
  • Create a personal fundraising page linked to ours here. Example text below.
  • Launch it on your social media!You can personalise and edit your page however you like, set your own challenge, post updates about your journey and what you’re supporting. If you need a hand there’s some example text below.

Sign me up!

Example text for your fundraising page

This Lent, I’m standing with the Pacific.

For the 40 days of Lent, I’m giving up <something> and fundraising to support Pacific churches working to end poverty and violence against women, and fighting to save their island homes from climate change.

Together we can make a real difference.

Help me reach my goal by making a donation!

For more info (and inspiring videos!) on the projects you’ll be supporting, visit www.lentevent.com.au