Go to the Learn Page and find the video you wish to download. Follow these instructions for each video. (Note that these are illustrations only and do not link to the videos.) You can also download all videos (including the promo) direct from Vimeo here. 

Click on the word VIMEO in white on the bottom right side of the video image.

When the video opens in Vimeo online, scroll down until you see the word DOWNLOAD on the right beneath the words “NOT YET RATED”.

Choose the resolution you want to download. We suggest HD 720P if showing on a large screen and SD if showing on a smaller screen.
Click download on the right hand side.
After a few moments the video will appear in your DOWNLOADS file. This is located in different places on different computers. You may be able to search for it by entering the title of the video in your search feature.
Good luck!