Leadership and support for children

Leadership and support for children

The situation:


During the struggle for independence, a generation of people in Timor Leste were traumatised by violence and missed out on basic education. There’s now a severe shortage of leaders and teachers, particularly in rural areas, as well as widespread violence against women and children.

More than half Timor Leste’s population live below the poverty line of $2 a day and 60% cannot read or write. The need for education and support is great.


The project:


With very high levels of violence against children widely reported, the Church has identified leadership training in child protection as their most urgent need. We’re helping the church develop child protection policies and immediately implement them in schools and communities, standing up to sexual violence in a culture which often protects perpetrators due to shame.

What your donation achieves:


You’ll be having a huge impact on the long-term future of this nation. 

Setting up new structures to protect very vulnerable children from violence or abuse, you’re shaping the culture of this very young nature and preparing future leaders to take on the challenges that lie ahead.

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