When you become part of Lent Event, you join your story to the stories of hundreds of others who are part of God’s work in the world. As you learn, pray and give, you’re creating change alongside peacemakers in South Sudan, leaders of the church in China, community workers and teachers overcoming poverty in India and people saving lives in Papua New Guinea. Here are our stories.

Together We Change the World

Change is possible – God’s people are making it happen

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Peace in South Sudan

Christian leaders are caring for people traumatized by war, teaching peace and forgiveness, rebuilding livelihoods

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Water in Papua New Guinea

Community workers are providing taps, tanks and education about sanitation, saving lives.

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Christians In China

New ministers are nurturing Christians to share God’s love in the fastest growing church in the world.

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Overcoming Poverty in India

Community development workers in India are championing justice and supporting families to break the chains of poverty through education, employment and healthcare.

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Thank You for Choosing Life this Lent

Thank you for supporting Lent Event and sharing our vision of lives made whole and hopeful. Learn what you can do next.

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up something so you can invest what you save in the lives of people creating change


on where you see God at work in the world and how you can join in


with your friends or congregation. Together we change the world