Climate action and disaster preparation

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Tuvalu, along with Kiribati, the Marshall Islands and other small island states in the Pacific, constantly finds herself wrung out by violent storms that are increasing in intensity. King tides are bigger, more frequent and flood more homes. Seasons of wet and dry are less predictable. Fresh water is harder to come by.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to grow local food and catch local fish because of rising levels of salt in the earth and increasing water temperatures. Almost all the food in Tuvalu is mass produced, plastic- wrapped and imported from Fiji, Australia and New Zealand. Food security is a problem and so is sewage and sanitation. Most young people know they’ll have to live somewhere else to find good jobs and a future.

In the midst of all this change, almost 90% of Islanders hold to the Christian faith and the church is critical to helping people cope and adapt. Some are resistant to what is happening right in front of them, preferring to cling to the hope that God will magically intervene to save them. Others are determined advocates, calling to one another and to us to be better caretakers of the earth.

We have close partnerships with churches across the Pacific. In Tuvalu and Kiribati we support the churches as they grapple with faith in a changing climate, and the fear that their island homes will soon be underwater. We provide training, support and emergency response to them and other Pacific Island nations, both before and after disasters. Our main goal is to save lives by equipping leaders to act early and prepare their communities. Donate now.

Your gift to Lent Event supports the local church throughout the Pacific who are providing:

Immediate response on the ground during disasters providing food, clean water and shelter
Disaster preparation and assessment training in vulnerable communities
Counselling and care for people impacted by disaster
Resources for churches and communities to help them understand from a faith perspective where God is amid suffering, and what their role is in caring for God’s earth
Training and resources for communities who are aiming to make their food and water sources more sustainable in a changing climate

Your support makes this life-saving work possible. Donate now