Beating poverty through education

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Fiji, known to many Australians as an idyllic holiday destination, is full of creative, friendly and warm-hearted people. And faith is an active ingredient in the culture, where churches are seen as the bedrock of the community.  Aside from being active worship congregations, they assist in everything from recovery after frequent cyclones to providing education.

Without much in the way of resources, the church has stepped up to be a light within their community – in this case an informal settlement on the outskirts of Suva where people live without reliable water or electricity.  Many who live here were attracted to the city from the country, hoping for better lives for their children.

Education is key to their dreams.

Although schooling itself is free, the resources to attend like books, uniforms and school shoes, are expensive.  Many children – particularly girls – are at risk of being pulled out of school or missing out altogether because their parents are unable to meet these commitments. Donate now.

Your gift to Lent Event supports the local church in Suva who are providing:

School uniforms and resources for children to attend school

Scholarships for selected students who show promise and have a good chance of succeeding at university

• Support and encouragement to families to enrol their children in school and assist with homework, in spite of the many challenges relating to electricity supply

Your support can help these children beat the cycle of poverty and give them a better future. Donate now